Let me help you remove your knife from my back

October 28, 2008

I like to think I’m quite a self aware person.  I think about my responses and behaviour, I analyse them, I relate them to my emotions and try to change them if I feel they could be better.  I am quite proud of how insightful I can be about myself and take it as a positive result of my years of maudlin adolescent introspection. 

Despite my self awareness, however, I do lack a similar insight into the actions of others.  My social skills are fine in terms of being able to relate to people on a daily basis.  I think I’m generally quite a likeable person and I always try to be a “nice” person.  In fact, I think that is my problem: I always give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove me wrong.

Considering the amount of times I have been proved wrong, you would have thought I would have become cynical about human nature.  But I never learn!

I didn’t start at school assuming everyone would be my new best friends.  But I did assume they would all be decent human beings.  One person has proved me wrong already by inviting me down the pub whilst complaining about my teaching skills behind my back.  Thankfully no one else at school agrees with that particular diagnosis of my abilities.

But when will I ever learn?!


Now I know how Argos keep their prices down…

September 21, 2008

They hire monkeys to write the instructions that go with their products!

Check out these little gems from the instructions to the alarm clock I just bought:

  • Pull up the alarm ON/OFF switch at the back of the clock when need to alarm, whereas, to pull down.
  • Touch the snooze/light button on the face of the clock, the light will be shining.
  • When alarm, touch the snooze/light button, the alarm will stop for a while but will continue to alarm after 5 minutes, you can pull down the ON/OFF switch at the back of the clock for completely stopping alarm.

And in the section entitled “Special Remarks”, we are reminded to “Keep off the magnetic moist field and sun’s rays irradiation directly”.

Well, I’m glad they made that clear!