Current status: still headlice free

Also: only two days til half term *does celebratory dance*

Also also: my kids did me PROUD in the Harvest Assembly today singing Food Glorious Food.  Loads of people commented on how good they were.  I think I’ve officially pissed off the music co-ordinator by my class being so fantastic.  Loves it.

That said, they disappointed me so much yesterday when I found out there was some bullying going on.  But we had a very positive circle time this afternoon so hopefully things will get better.  I am very tired now and am seriously counting the hours til half term and although I know the week’s holiday will pass in a flash I am looking forward to going back afterwards and starting to think about Christmas.

No rest for the wicked 😉


4 Responses to Current status: still headlice free

  1. courtney says:

    Yay! There is nothing more satisfying than outshining music co-ordinators. Or so I imagine.

    I hope circle time improves the bullying situation. School can be so tough.

  2. sharon says:

    How old are the kids you teach? I’m sure you’ve mentioned it somewhere here, but I can’t find it.

    I didn’t know schools still did harvest assemblys. Takes me back to my school days a looooooong time ago; we had to bring in food from home (basically all the things mum bought that we didn’t like, haha) so the staff could make up food parcels and deliver them to elderly people in the community. Fairly certain the health and safety brigade would’ve put a stop to that now, though. Am I right?

  3. starrynite says:

    Courtney – You imagine correctly. I have a feeling the bullying will take a lot of work and effort to eradicate tho 😦

    Sharon – They are Year 5 (9 going on 10). The kids do still bring in food and it goes to people nominated by parents. So only people known to someone in the school. But the music teacher is still teaching them the same songs that I learned in the 80s!! lol

  4. sharon says:

    We used to nominate the lovely old lady who lived next door; if she got anything good in her food parcel she used to share it with us, haha.

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