Half term: t minus 2 weeks and counting…

Technically only 9 days until half term – working days that is – as next Monday is my graduation and I have the day off for celebrating and merriment.  This is testament to the colossal organisation skills of my university who, whoops, forgot to check when half term is and set the graduation date for about 300 local teachers for the week before half term.  Just pretty much sums up the entire time I spent within their hallowed walls. 

Due to the unexpected timing of my graduation ceremony, my very nearest and dearest are unable to come, so I have my nan and my aunt accompanying me.  Not that I wouldn’t want my nan there, because I know she will love it, bless her.  And K wil be hurtling across London after finishing for the day at Hendon, to attempt to reach the leafy southern banks of the river in time for us to all go and get dinner together.

Random thought for the day
If tobacco advertising in the UK is banned, why are Rizla still allowed to advertise?  I know that technically their product doesn’t contain any tobacco, but the sole purpose of cigarette papers is to be used with tobacco.  It’s not like you can use them for anything else.  So why do I still see Rizla bill boards on my way to work?  Just something to ponder…

Well, I need to leave for work in seven minutes, particularly as I have been so busy this weekend helping K prepare for Hendon/driving K to Hendon that I haven’t marked my class’ homework.  Oops!  And yeah, today is K’s first day as a trainee of the Metropolitan police so please think positive thoughts for her if you get a spare moment today.

Well.  Hi ho, hi ho….


4 Responses to Half term: t minus 2 weeks and counting…

  1. sharon says:

    Half term holidays already? I am *so* in the wrong job…

  2. starrynite says:

    Haha, and if you were in any other job I’d be protesting about how hard teachers work, but I’ve lived with nurses so can say nothing lol

  3. courtney says:

    I was just going to say–half-term? Where is the year going?! Congrats on your impending graduation! Yay!

  4. starrynite81 says:

    Thanks. And yeah the year is going quick, but I’m still exhausted and can’t wait for the hols lol

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