Marked for death

So, I was driving home from school at 5:45 this afternoon, thinking how I really should update my blog and I’m pretty sure I had some vague idea about content….

Yeah, dunno what happened to that?!  But the kitten is mewing outside the door because I shut him out so I could eat without having kitten-foot-garnish on my dinner.  And I really should check his litter tray…

School is exhausting.  The kids have a whole week of tests, which means that I have a whole week of marking tests, which really is a far more rigorous process than marking their everyday work.  This is what my desk looks like at the moment, drowing under a barrage of standardised testing:

Yes, the board to the right of my desk is pink.  Yes, I like it that way.

Extra special bonus points go to the people who decided that the kids should take tests designed to be taken at the end of the year, thus containing lots of topics that the kids JUST HAVEN’T COVERED YET!!  Which probably explains why the two tests I have marked so far yielded scores of 4 and 8 out of, like, 57 or something.  According to my handy teacher’s guide, any score under 14 is unquantifiable as an actual grade.  Way to make the kids feel good about themselves.

At least I will look like a fantastic teacher when their marks increase by, like 500% in the summer!  Hehe.


5 Responses to Marked for death

  1. courtney says:

    You are a superhero. I have decided this. You would have to be, to tackle all that is on your desk!!

  2. starrynite81 says:

    Thanks Courtney, I definitely am. Hmm, but what should my superhero name be?

  3. courtney says:

    The TASKMASTER! Or something along those lines. 🙂

  4. sharon says:

    Why on earth do kids need to be tested as soon as they go back to school? Shouldn’t there be some kind of settling in period first? That goes for the teachers too 😉

  5. starrynite81 says:

    @Courtney yep stand back, the taskmaster is here!!

    @Sharon I know, I think it’s crazy. But I am working on it from the inside now 😉

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